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This exclusive SPARTAN brand at GEM Windows & Doors has now added doors and not just your average sliding door but a lift and slide. This all vinyl product is a superior product to the traditional sliding patio doors.Image result for spartan sliding doors


Supplier: Nana Wall


In 1986, Nana Wall Systems’ founders delivered their first opening glass wall, and tree years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was born. Nana Wall’s mission is to find, create, and deliver an ever-evolving array of flexible design solutions that allow a seamless transition between outdoors and in.

Ten years after their first delivery, Nana Wall partnered with the German company Solarlux, in 1996. Solarlux is the only ISO 9001-certified framed operable glass wall system manufacturer in the world.

Between Nana Wall and Solarlux, the two companies have now installed over a million glass panels worldwide, winning hundreds of awards, and earning the status as the must-have product for any serious high-end home renovation or new build.
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Storm & Screen Doors



The traditional aluminum storm door gets a makeover from Everlast. Choose from 12 different models, ranging from a full view pane of glass to Victorian, colonial and traditional self-storing models. Triple rubber sweeps, tempered safety glass, durable baked enamel finish, self-lubricating hinges and diecast internal miter corners are standard. Patterned glass, pet mesh screens, decorative metal box sweeps and a variety of hardware options are also available.

Everlast’s aluminum-reinforced vinyl screen door is sophisticated and subtle—the perfect choice when you want to highlight your entry door, not your screen door. It features a hidden retractable screen, decorative horizontal bar and both standard paint finishes and custom colours.

AluminArt offers a range of styles and colours to suit all budgets. Premium models offer lifetime nickel or brass hardware, reinforced hinges, interior deadbolts and a limited lifetime warranty. A unique “view and vent” system means screens roll into place only when the glass is lowered—keeping your view unobstructed when ventilation isn’t required.

Retractable screens are the clear choice for customers craving visibility and ventilation. Aira, by Eclipse Technologies, offers a safe, reliable, UV-proof retractable screen in 11 standard colours. Specialty options include pet-safe screens, gold and bronze sill adaptors, custom colour matching and more. Aira can be installed in virtually any size opening, from patio doors to garage doors, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding the screen).


  • extras like premium hardware and pet-proofed screens
  • variety of styles and colours
  • vinyl aluminum and retractable

Apples-to-apples price match guarantee


GEM’s prices are very competitive. We might not always be the cheapest, but we are always the best value (price vs quality). In fact, we’re so confident that our pricing is competitive, we offer an apples-to-apples price match guarantee. If you receive a lower quotation on your job—provided the products and installation quality are equivalent—we’ll match the lower price and beat it by 10% of the difference.


Windows Security Essentials Not Just a Software Program


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If you have a Windows-based PC, you might have seen Microsoft’s Windows Security Essentials anti-virus and anti-malware program. In the real world, there are some “windows security essentials” that are now becoming more common in glass windows.

Many homeowners go to great lengths to ensure that their family home has the best security available. While panic rooms are still relatively rare, there are less severe security measures that many homes now rely on. Doors and windows with multipoint locking have become commonplace on high-end residential window and door installations. Features like impact-proof security glass, and reinforced window and door frames make it much harder for a burglar to force entry into a home.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of home burglaries aren’t violent home invasions, but rather, crimes of opportunity, where a homeowner has left a window or a door ajar, and someone simply walks or climbs in.

Home alarm systems can help prevent these types of break-ins by letting a homeowner know when a window or door is open, but they have traditionally relied on wired connections to complex alarm ‘brains’ that require professional, and sometimes costly installation.

Now, thanks to modern battery technology, efficient and compact sensor electronics, and Wi-Fi, newer alarm systems are easier to install, and offer remote monitoring and control for a much lower price point. Some new windows even have ‘smart’ technology integrated into them from the factory, so without a complex alarm system, they can still connect to the outside world. You may have heard or read about ‘the Internet of things.’ Windows are one such product that can be linked to each other and the outside world through wireless technology.

This means that homeowners can now receive an alert whenever a window or door opens – or is left open – on their home, wherever they are. The best locks and strongest glass in the world don’t matter at all if the window is left wide open.

If you’re interested in learning about the latest window security features, visit our Queensway showroom, or email us your questions at

When Life Gives You a Window, Consider Turning it into a Door



As you might already know, most windows are not load bearing structures in residential construction. Regardless of how strong and durable a set of fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl window frames might be, you can rest assured that they’re not supporting your walk-in closet and second-floor laundry. The load-bearing, structural elements of a wall are always located adjacent to the windows themselves. This means that wherever you have a large-enough window opening in your home, you could probably also have a door.

Typically, the structural support members surrounding a window in a wood-framed house – which represents the majority of single-family homes built since the 1950s – are sistered 2x4s or 2x6s, holding up a header overtop of the window opening. We always advise obtaining the appropriate permits, architectural drawings, and engineering signoff prior to commencing any structural modifications to your home. Nevertheless, for homeowners contemplating the installation of a door in a space once occupied by a window, it is usually a pretty straightforward process that can be done cost effectively and quickly.

When Sirius XM radio host Todd Shaprio wanted a way to more easily access his bedroom’s small pseudo-balcony, he called GEM Windows & Doors. We turned two smaller windows into a big, sliding glass door, making it easier to access a previously useless balcony space, and letting in more light.

Now, Todd can access his balcony, where we also installed a beautiful glass railing to keep him, and his family, safe.