Garage Doors


These maintenance free steel garage doors never looked so good, even offering a faux wood look with no hassle.

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New Brands


This exclusive SPARTAN brand at GEM Windows & Doors has now added doors and not just your average sliding door but a lift and slide. This all vinyl product is a superior product to the traditional sliding patio doors.Image result for spartan sliding doors

Supplier: Nana Wall


In 1986, Nana Wall Systems’ founders delivered their first opening glass wall, and tree years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was born. Nana Wall’s mission is to find, create, and deliver an ever-evolving array of flexible design solutions that allow a seamless transition between outdoors and in.

Ten years after their first delivery, Nana Wall partnered with the German company Solarlux, in 1996. Solarlux is the only ISO 9001-certified framed operable glass wall system manufacturer in the world.

Between Nana Wall and Solarlux, the two companies have now installed over a million glass panels worldwide, winning hundreds of awards, and earning the status as the must-have product for any serious high-end home renovation or new build.
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