Supplier: Nana Wall


In 1986, Nana Wall Systems’ founders delivered their first opening glass wall, and tree years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was born. Nana Wall’s mission is to find, create, and deliver an ever-evolving array of flexible design solutions that allow a seamless transition between outdoors and in.

Ten years after their first delivery, Nana Wall partnered with the German company Solarlux, in 1996. Solarlux is the only ISO 9001-certified framed operable glass wall system manufacturer in the world.

Between Nana Wall and Solarlux, the two companies have now installed over a million glass panels worldwide, winning hundreds of awards, and earning the status as the must-have product for any serious high-end home renovation or new build.
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Storm & Screen Doors



The traditional aluminum storm door gets a makeover from Everlast. Choose from 12 different models, ranging from a full view pane of glass to Victorian, colonial and traditional self-storing models. Triple rubber sweeps, tempered safety glass, durable baked enamel finish, self-lubricating hinges and diecast internal miter corners are standard. Patterned glass, pet mesh screens, decorative metal box sweeps and a variety of hardware options are also available.

Everlast’s aluminum-reinforced vinyl screen door is sophisticated and subtle—the perfect choice when you want to highlight your entry door, not your screen door. It features a hidden retractable screen, decorative horizontal bar and both standard paint finishes and custom colours.

AluminArt offers a range of styles and colours to suit all budgets. Premium models offer lifetime nickel or brass hardware, reinforced hinges, interior deadbolts and a limited lifetime warranty. A unique “view and vent” system means screens roll into place only when the glass is lowered—keeping your view unobstructed when ventilation isn’t required.

Retractable screens are the clear choice for customers craving visibility and ventilation. Aira, by Eclipse Technologies, offers a safe, reliable, UV-proof retractable screen in 11 standard colours. Specialty options include pet-safe screens, gold and bronze sill adaptors, custom colour matching and more. Aira can be installed in virtually any size opening, from patio doors to garage doors, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding the screen).


  • extras like premium hardware and pet-proofed screens
  • variety of styles and colours
  • vinyl aluminum and retractable