Control light and privacy in style with GEM Shade by Maxxmar. Shades can be the popular rollers, traditional pleated. Add some style to, not only your windows, but patio doors and French doors!


Why GEM Windows & Doors?


We listen more than we talk to understand your needs, budget and priorities and then provide you with customized solution, not a one-size-fits all approach.

We work with you to accomplish your goals:

  • Making your home more comfortable
  • Reducing your energy bills
  • Letting in more light
  • Keeping your home more secure
  • Addressing specific problems like floor fading
  • Reducing or eliminating maintenance
  • Giving your home better curb appeal

GEM Windows & Doors


1961. Elvis was on top of the charts, John F. Kennedy becomes the youngest US President, and Russia launches Sputnik into outer space. Back at home, John Christopoulos starts GEM Windows, to provide high-quality windows and doors to Toronto homeowners and builders. In an industry of fly-by-night businesses, GEM has a well-earned reputation as Toronto’s oldest and most trusted window and door company. We’ve even had the same phone number since 1961.