Nana Wall


In 1986, Nana Wall Systems’ founders delivered their first opening glass wall, and tree years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was born. Nana Wall’s mission is to find, create, and deliver an ever-evolving array of flexible design solutions that allow a seamless transition between outdoors and in.76289722

Internal Blinds


It’s no surprise that dust-free window coverings are catching on. Mini-blinds installed inside the glass are a standard offering on doors these days, but few window manufacturers offer this option. GEM gives customers what they’re looking for: internal blinds installed between the thermal panes of your window.


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A well-selected entry door makes a powerful statement about your home…and you. Options abound, starting with a decision between the affordable high performance of steel or the superior look and durability of fiberglass. Then there’s options in glass, grilles, caming, panels, door height, hardware, side lites, transoms…and let’s not forget energy efficiency.