Nana Wall



After 30 years in business, Nana Wall has become the most-trusted supplier of window walls for architects, builders, designers and homeowners, with over 20 different unique systems available. Nana Walls transcend the physical hardware from which they are built– glass, metal, and plastic – to offer something truly unique; the ability to bring the outdoors inside, allowing owners to enjoy a seamless transition between outdoor escape and indoor comfort. For people living in a harsh climate like Toronto, maximizing the enjoyment from each and every warm (or warmish) day is vital to getting the most out of our all-too-short GTA summers.

Nana Wall pioneered the category of operable glass wall systems. If you want the real thing, and not just a generic copy, there is only one authentic Nana Wall – a name that continues to lead the market in performance, beauty, and durability.

Nana Wall systems come in a selection of products for both residential and commercial application. With over 50 standard colours they are sure to fit your home. From frameless all glass systems to all wood doors you can customize your opening. There are also many configurations and stacking options to ensure it will with your home.


Roller Shades



Roller shades are available in a stunning assortment of fabrics with varying degrees of light transparency. With the wide range of sizes covering your large windows is not a problem. Roller shades can be on they’re own or combined with a room darkening or ‘Opera’ shade that is perfect for any bedroom.

You’re in Control



Just like a TV remote, motorize your blinds to control the light from the palm of your hand. With different modern types including a ‘wand’ option, there is sure to be one that fits your budget.

Visit our showroom to see which option will be best in your home and let one of our specialized consultants take your through the options!

Alternative Shades



Alternative shades give you the control to have as much or as little light come through. Available is both vertical and horizontal options, the alternative shade is a homeowner favorite. Pleated shades come a large assortment of solid and two-tone prints, with options for one-inch or two-inch pleats. Our Roman shade collection offers fabric options from dim-out to black out.